Why supporting us.

We can increase our marketplaces’ shopping quality, but we need to be seen and heard.


Hence, if you like our idea and think we can build something that benefits everyone, please consider supporting us:



Spread the (digital) voice among your social media network.

Talk about us, re-post our posts, invite your friends in the communities you are part of or share with them this website (http://squaresun.org)


Submit your brand if you haven’t done it yet. We would love to hear your story.

If you are already with us, spread the voice with businesses that you know have an ethical approach and invite them to join the community you are part of.


Many people are curious and attentive. Others might be interested but get puzzled by the flow of digital distractions. We rely on thinkers, journalists, bloggers, or influencers that can help feed authentic information. Connect with us, and let’s see what we can do together, or just spread the voice.

We want to keep you, our customers, brands, and the media, up to date with SquareSun’s activities and Community launches. 

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