Let's Get Started

Ready to join a SQRSUN Community?

Below is a checklist of the information and documentation we require to bring your brand on board.

After your submission, a member of the team will be in touch.




Please date and sign the CONTRACT and upload it below or send it to hello@sqrsun.org

Learn more about SQRSUN's price behavior that will help brands to purchase and test each other's products HERE ("Sellers' Legacy" page)


Video Introduction:

We need a very simple 30-90 second video shot with your phone. Please keep it as authentic and spontaneous as possible. For more information, head to our GUIDELINES, and check out this example to help inspire you. If you require assistance creating your video please let us now. You can upload the Video Introduction below or send it to hello@sqrsun.org.

Upload or synchronize products:

You can automatically synchronize your products to our platform. Let us know if you need help (at no cost) to do this.

Postponed Uploads:

We preferably would like to receive the above materials along with this submission, in case you need more time to send us requested material, just let us know

We want to keep you, our customers, brands, and the media, up to date with SquareSun’s activities and Community launches. 

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