SQRSUN is an organization that creates online community-based marketplaces, where each community features a limited number of non-direct competitive vendors that organically builds trust-based audiences. 

For more information on how our operations work, visit our What We Do page or contact us directly through our online form.

There are many reasons why we believe your brand should join our community-based marketplace. Below are just a few of the positives your brand can expect to gain by joining SQRSUN:

  • drop-shipping with seamless integration for your store
  • a dedicated landing page 
  • full credits so customers can browse your website and channels, and help grow your traffic
  • expand your audience and increase traffic
  • grow with a profitable community based on mutual help rather than competition 
  • create an audience of loyal and engaged customers, not just distracted followers
  • attract customers and media to give you the attention you deserve
  • be part of a marketplace where ethics and transparency  are its driving force

For more information, fill out our inquiry form or send an email to:

If you are interested in joining SQRSUN, tell us about your brand on our Brand Submission page on our website and we will be in touch to provide more information and advice on how to move forward.

Although our headquarters are located in Long Island City, New York, USA, we have staff who work from all around the world. The first SQRSUN community will be operational in New York City, however, we have global plans!

The cost of SQRSUN is dependent on two categories and will vary for every brand:

  • Annual fee: $299 (this cost is for marketing and organization and is the same for every brand)

  • Sales commission: 17% sales commission on any transactions

At SQRSUN, we give a voice to ethically-minded, non-mainstream brands with exceptional products/services. To discover if your brand is eligible to join a SQRSUN community tell us about your brand on our Brand Submission page on our website.

SQRSUN may perceive that a brand is ethical or sustainable, but there are many variables that we cannot understand or quantify. A business’ ethics and sustainability are dependent on location, industry, production chain, the rules and laws that regulate the business, personal history and much more. Therefore, in a Community where people and brands are honest, we do not feel the need for an external observer stating if a business is ethical or sustainable. 

As a helpful guide, below we have loosely and broadly defined the terms “ethical” and “sustainable” and listed a few attributes that can be associated with each one.

Ethical: Applying ethics to a business can be like living an ethical lifestyle – it’s about taking into account the effect of your actions, products and services on people, animals and the environment. Ethical businesses can attempt to minimize any negative effect they make on society, economy or the environment. 

Ethical values can include, but are not limited to:

  • Honesty
  • Trustworthiness 
  • Fairness
  • Concern and respect for others/society/environment
  • Fairtrade 
  • Transparency
  • Fair pricing 
  • Accountability 
  • Lawfulness 
  • Integrity

Sustainable: A business exercising sustainability might focus on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainability can inspire businesses to structure decisions in terms of environmental, social, and human impact for the long-term, rather than on short-term gains such as next quarter’s earnings report. 

Sustainable elements can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Zero-waste/ waste reduction
  • Fairtrade 
  • Recycled, renewable, and biodegradable materials
  • Green procurement
  • Eco-friendly packaging 
  • Sustainable storage
  • Green shipping and delivery
  • Attempt to be paperless
  • Green business certifications

Is my brand eligible (ethically and sustainably) to join a SQRSUN Community?

We do not expect the brands we invite to join our Communities to meet, or claim to meet, every criteria listed above. What we do expect is for brands to consistently, honestly and openly work towards what they claim on their websites and to their customers. If it is reported that a brand is found to not meet, or attempt to meet, what they claim this could result in contract termination and/or removal from the Community.

  • NOT TOO HIGH Brands should not have a huge price markup so that a wider range of customers can buy those products.
  • NOT TOO LOW Brands should not have pricing that is too low, because they would be forced to:
    • Underpay workers
    • Make customers overbuy
    • Decrease quality by selling a cheaper product. 
  • FAIR PRICING would be a price that:
    • Allows the brand to have a sustainable profit
    • Allows the brand to fairly pay their workers
    • Allows the brand to keep a high standard of quality
    • Allows the brand to invest in research to develop better quality products.

There are no risks involved. The only loss you have would be for the time you dedicate to work on your SQRSUN’s store. The yearly fee will be refunded if you cancel your profile within 90 days.

We believe that most vendors and buyers have an honest intention to respect our rules and their community. Hence, why we will not invest money and time into complex and expensive systems that trace people’s activities. But sometimes bad experiences happen because of a vendor or a customer, and if they do, SQRSUN wants to hear about them. 

If any form of misconduct occurs please contact your community administrator or fill out our misconduct report online.

Yes, you can join us, and use your landing page as your website.

We are confident that our services will increase your brand’s audience, which will equate to more sales and profit for your business. For all of our hard work, we ask for a percentage of that profit so that we may keep our services the best they can be.

We believe in honesty and transparency. If you are unhappy with our services, or maybe found your business is not in the right stage to be a part of our community, please speak to your community administrator or email us at

We want to keep you, our customers, brands, and the media, up to date with SquareSun’s activities and Community launches. 

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