SQRSUN Brand Guidelines

This document describes the instructions and guidelines SQRSUN requests each of our Community brands to follow and complete. If there are any misunderstandings or difficulties in completing any of the following tasks, please contact your Community administrator or email hello@sqrsun.org; we are here to help.

Video Introduction

SQRSUN wants to personalize and promote your brand in a transparent and honest way. We ask every brand that joins one of our Communities to produce a video introduction to tell us, and the world, about your business in your own words. We will use these videos to showcase your brand on SQRSUN’s websites and social media platforms. 

There is no exact formula when making these videos, however, below we have included some tips and guidelines that might help steer you in the right direction.

  • Keep your video precise, clear, and short
  • Try to time the video between 30 seconds to 2 minutes 
  • We recommend shooting the video with a smartphone
  • Topics to include, but not limited to:

                      – brand name 

                      – location 

                      – what you sell/services provided

                      – a brief story of your brand and how you came to be where you are now

                      – your USP (unique selling point)/what makes you special/sets you apart from others

                      – your brand’s ethical or sustainable process/mindset

                      – briefly, why you decided to join SQRSUN.

  • The video can be filmed anywhere, but we suggest filming at your business’ location. If this is not available, aim for a quiet environment and calm background so that the message is not lost.
  • If possible, it would be advisable for the brand’s owner, CEO, or other brand representative to conduct the video.
  • Remember, this video is about showcasing and celebrating YOUR brand, so try to have fun by inputting your brand’s voice and personality. Be creative.
  • If you require any help shooting your video, please let us know.


Product Management

Products and services should be kept up-to-date as per variables, prices, sales, and inventory. As is stated in our Community Rules, there should be no discrepancies in product prices, or other details, between what is claimed on a brand’s website and what is posted in the Community, or on other SQRSUN channels. We request that brands remain diligent when managing their products and services.

Price Behavior

Although it is not mandatory, we recommend that brands offer other brands in the Community a wholesale or discounted price on their products. We suggest this to ensure that brands in the Community can test and confidently suggest products from others. This will not only help towards the profitability of each brand but also towards helping one another in the Community be as successful as they can be.


Media Kit

Every brand is provided a Media Kit. Included in the Media Kit is SQRSUN’s website information, social media handles, logos, and company guidelines. We ask that every brand reviews the Media Kit carefully and refers to it often when using or mentioning SQRSUN online. This not only encourages our own brand’s consistency but will also help to lead audience traffic to your business’ website and social media platforms.  



Joining SQRSUN means becoming part of a community. In our Communities, we help one another to achieve our goals, increase profitability and build brand awareness. In order to do this, please share, like, and comment on the content from SQRSUN’s, and other brands, social media platforms, and websites. Because we do not believe in charging businesses for advertising to be seen and heard, we rely on our brands and customers to help us spread the word about the success of our vendors and Communities.

What qualifies as a “share”:

  • Create your own post (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter..) using our Media Kit for guidance
  • Repost our posts (@squaresunhq) 
  • Include us in newsletters 
  • Using SQRSUN’s hashtags on the content itself or in the caption/post (#SQRSUN or #SQRSUNNYC)
  • Using SQRSUN’s branding or logo in an image or post.

How often to “post”:

  • It depends on your workflow, but it would be great to see an Instagram post at least once a month and to be included in any newsletters; or wherever you feel that you can fit us in. For example, “We are part of SQRSUN NYC, come visit our shop there”. Consider that other brands will do the same, so the community grows and the traffic takes off. We are happy to work with a brand’s social media commitments to ensure the right plan is in place, we simply ask that you honor your agreement and stay consistent. 

We want to keep you, our customers, brands, and the media, up to date with SquareSun’s activities and Community launches. 

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