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We are all inquisitive decision-makers who use technology to be efficiently multi-skilled. We’ve been through work-dreams and business-mayhems and have gathered here to find an honest way to exercise our skills and profit fairly. We help entrepreneurs’ profitability by telling their valuable stories. We love what we do, and would love it even more if we could make some changes, not matter how small, to the world we live in.

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We believe in small Team of multiskilled members

Under the (Square) Sun

Alessandro Russino

Skills: Creative Director, Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Web Design - Spoken languages: English, Italian

Amanda Hein

Communications &
Community Manager
Skills: Journalist, Copywriter, Digital PR Management - Spoken languages: English

Michelle Corporan

Art Director
Community Art Department
Skills: Content Creation, Web Development, Web Design, UI, Branding Strategy, Graphic Design - Spoken languages: English, Spanish

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