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It's like a Marketplace, BUT SYNERGetic


Ethical Marketplace​

Smart Shopping​

Let's change the way we shop by supporting brands who have an ethical vision.


We help customers understand the benefits of conscious shopping: quality, brand's mission, sustainability.


We have the ideas and technology that allows us to make our brands profitable.


Big ideas must be challenged. We want to hear from writers, bloggers, or journalists, who care about sustainability and new ethical business models.

SQRSUN facilitates a direct connection between customers and vendors that allows vendors to introduce their products in a way where consumers can understand who and what is behind their brands.

a unique approach


Communities promote sustainability, ethical business, and aim for fair trades, where items are not overpriced nor underpriced, so customers can better understand the quality and value of products and their brands.

Connect with us and spread the word


We need journalists, writers, and bloggers to help spread the word about SQRSUN’s new and unique economic model based on humans’ nature to help one another, rather than promoting competition.

Have brand join a community


When a vendor accesses a community, its audience automatically multiplies by the other vendors’ number. SQRSUN will use established social media platforms, facilitating consumers to browse the brands’ online presence. 

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We have found something inspiring out there, and we want to share it.

Together is better

We are working on creating our communities, subscribe, and we’ll keep you posted on the launches.

We want to keep you, our customers, brands, and the media, up to date with SquareSun’s activities and Community launches. 

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